Ready to become The Confident Woman You Want To Be?

  Does any of this sound like you?

  • Too scared to ask for a pay raise?
  • Fear speaking up or presenting to a group?
  • Avoid promotion and new opportunities?
  • Worry what other people think?
  • Hate networking and being more visible? 
  • Feel intimidated in the workplace?

  Want to do something about it?

There are just two things you need to grow in confidence





Create A More Confident You


Video Learning: A series of twelve educational videos that are packed with the tools and techniques to take you on a journey of self discovery to develop a more confident way of thinking and behaving.

Workbooks with exercises for you to complete that help you apply the techniques you have learned to your daily life and help you explore what holds you back and what actions to take to develop your self-belief and confidence.

Personal Journal to set your intentions and track your progress to as you Create A More Confident You


Group Coaching via Online Video Conferencing with myself as your coach, joining other members who share similar goals and purpose. The benefit of working in a group is that you can learn from the experiences of others who have faced similar challenges to you.

Personal Coaching in which you have a one-to-one coaching relationship with me and we work together on your personal and professional goals, developing the vision and plans for your future. The benefit of personal coaching is that it is a bespoke experience, focused on you and designed around your specific needs.


Having the support of people who understand your challenges is a great motivator to keep on working towards your goals

By subscribing to my services you will gain access to a community of like-minded women to engage with and share experiences


Live Webinars packed with practical advice to help with your career development .

Group challenges that you can choose to participate in to develop particular skills such as networking / building relationships / public speaking.

Future video and workbook releases available through my subscription services

If you are a woman who is ready to take the first step to Create a More Confident You, then join us.

Flexible and Affordable

Many women tell me they would like a career coach but can't always afford the time or the cost, which led me to design this subscription based service that provides:

  • Multiple package options to enable you to join at a level that works for you
  • Flexibility to move between packages as you grow and develop in your career
  • Stay as long as you need support - minimum term 3 months

There is a Bronze Package which provides::

  • Powerful video lessons that you can work through at your own pace, teaching you the tools and techniques to overcome your fears and self-doubts
  • Accompanying workbooks full of exercises to guide you through the program and support you in taking daily actions towards your goals.
  • Access to our dedicated community support for feedback, support and encouragement
  • Group Coaching via online Video Conferencing where I provide support and guidance and where you can share and learn together with like-minded women in the group.. 

All of this amazing value for just £17 per month.

The Bronze package is great for you if you have the motivation and discipline to regularly watch the videos, work through the exercises and take massive action. If you are the kind of person who knows when it is time to reach out and ask for help, you will be able to book group or personal coaching when you need it for an additional charge. 

But what if you need more help?

Coaching is a great way to help unlock your potential and help you achieve your goals. 

  • You will be guided through the program by your coach 
  • You will receive advice, personalised to your circumstances
  • Your coach will provide you with support and motivation
  • You will be part of a small group  of women with shared experiences
  • Your coach will help you maximise your experience on your 

Group Coaching

The program includes options to take part in coaching sessions with small groups of women who are also on my programs. 

You will receive coaching to help guide, support & advise you and keep you accountable for taking consistent action. And you will have the support and encouragement from a community with shared experiences. 

There are two coaching options:

  • Silver Package which includes Monthly access to our Group Coaching Sessions, valued at £27 per month

  • Gold Package which includes Weekly access to our Group Coaching Sessions valued at £57 per month

And that is not all

While you are subscribed to my services you will also have access to:

  • Live Webinars in which I will share personal development training and career advice
  • Group Challenges to support you in developing your personal skills
  • Future video and workbook releases available through my subscription services

How long does it take?

Create A More Confident You was originally designed as a 3 month program with weekly group coaching. Each week we would complete one of the videos and workbooks and meet (virtually) via online conferencing for coaching and support.

Under this new format there is a lot more flexibility. You can still choose to complete the program in 3 months and leave at that time, or you can stay for as long as you need or want to as you take your journey.

What wasn't available under the previous program, that is now, is the access to all the additional Webinars, Programs and Videos that are released as part of my subscription based services. As long as you have an active subscription you will have access to all these great resources.

If you are a woman who is ready to take the first step to Create a More Confident You, then join us.

Personal Coaching


Would you prefer a more personalised service?

A private, one-on-one relationship is the most powerful and focused way to get to the heart of what you want and to make it happen.   

Together we will explore and understand your personal and professional goals so that I can help you create an empowering vision for your future. I will work with you to deal with fears or self-doubts that are holding you back, provide the tools and techniques to develop your self-belief and self confidence, and help you create a plan to achieve the success and happiness you deserve.  

I will be there to guide, support and encourage you on your journey and keep you on track when the going gets tough, holding you accountable to continue working towards your goals and dreams.

Working with me on a one-to-one basis starts from £97 per month, on a subscription basis. If you would like to discuss, please contact me and I will arrange for us to have a conversation to understand your needs and determine the best option for you.

Contact Me

Results experienced by women who have been on this program:


Developed the confidence to talk about, and promote, their achievements

Recognised they are “good enough” and don’t have to change to succeed

Grown in self-esteem and stopped worrying about what other people think

Taken on new challenges that they would never have dared to before

Learned to feel more comfortable networking and meeting new people

Dealt with that inner critic holding them back from achieving their dreams

And you can also achieve these results and more

Create a More Confident You is designed for you if you are are looking for growth, you are ready to deal with that negative, inner voice and you want to take action to develop your confidence.

If you are ready to:

  • Think more positively
  • Act more confidently 
  • Take on new challenges



I would love for us to work together to Create a More Confident You


Do you have any questions?

How do I know this program is right for me?

If you are ready to give up old patterns of thought and behaviour and unleash the confident you then this is where you should be.

How do I know this will work?

Creating a More Confident You will only succeed if you are willing to take action. The program is designed for you to take action in your day-to-day life and provides the tools, the strategy and the motivation. 

You have to commit to take action to see results. 

What if I don't have the time

The program is designed with flexibility to enable you to fit this around your schedule. The videos and workbooks are available for you to work through at your own pace and you choose the group session that you want to attend. There are multiple day / time options available.

What if I discover this program is not for me?

There is a minimum subscription period of 3 months. If after the 3 months you feel that you no longer wish to take part, you can cancel your subscription with no penalty.  

Why is this program only open to women?

The program itself is not limited, however the current  intake is for women only to provide a women-focused support environment.

If you would like to be informed of future program intakes that are open to a wider audience please contact me using the form below.

Contact Me

If you would like to know more before you sign up, please provide your details below and I will be in touch. Julie

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